Executive Health Assessments

Complete Corporate Health’s Executive Program is designed to assess each Executive’s current health status, risk factors and any lifestyle related issues. We work personally with each Executive to increase knowledge and understanding of healthy lifestyle practices and develop customised strategies that initiate behavioural change.

Our focus is to educate Executives on their current state of health and wellness and to guide them to optimal health, well-being and performance. Ultimately, we aim to facilitate sustainable positive behaviour change.

We understand the work demands and the impact those demands can have on an Executive’s health, wellbeing and lifestyle. For these reasons we design an individually tailored assessment with an option for a further confidential, personal online interactive wellness program which include health education and an interactive “ask an expert” facility.

A regular comprehensive health and risk evaluation can identify any issues that may affect executives and potentially cost a Company’s productivity. Our team of Health Professionals can assist in keeping Executives at their optimum health levels by identifying any existing health concerns, particularly cardiac risk factors.

Complete Corporate Health offers different levels of executive medicals to conduct our Executive Health Checks, aimed at providing a personalized medical assessment tailored to individual needs so companies can minimise risk.

The efficiency of a team can be reduced when a key decision maker is absent through illness. Mistakes and poor decisions can be the result when a person is distracted by health issues. Our team of Health Professionals is committed to improving quality of life through preventative health care.

We recognize that companies and Executives require a tailored Health Program that is conducted by experienced medical and allied health professionals.

Put simply, you want a no fuss, efficient, total care, professional solution.

Organise a Consultation

Companies can book an appointment by completing an online booking form. A Complete Corporate Health team member will then be in contact to confirm the booking.