Health Management

Exercise Stress Testing

This test is performed in a controlled clinical environment and can be used to measure and compare the functionality of the heart under stressful physical conditions (eg. on a treadmill) and at rest. This can be used to assist in the diagnosis of certain heart diseases and as a reflection of the general physical condition of the patient.

Cardiac Risk Assessments

By a few simple tests, our doctors are able to give you an assessment of your risk of developing heart disease over the next few years.

Men’s & Women’s Health

We have both male and female doctors who can assess your current health status and advise, recommend and refer patients to maintain or regain their optimum health levels.

Pain Management

Chronic pain is unpleasant, painful and debilitating. Our doctors can assist in chronic pain management strategies to help alleviate suffering.

Weight Management

More than half of the Australian population is now considered overweight or obese. Excess body weight increases the risk of a range of health problems including diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure and some cancers.

We offer programs to engage and motivate for weight loss with one on one and group sessions and optional consults with a dietitian.

Organise a Consultation

Companies can book an appointment by completing an online booking form. A Complete Corporate Health team member will then be in contact to confirm the booking.