Injury Management


The aim of Physiotherapy is to allow people to live a better, pain free lifestyle. Complete Corporate Health offers a wide range of services, including a combination of manual and active therapy techniques such as core stability, holistic injury management and exercise prescription. All therapies are aimed at achieving improved function and reducing pain.

We provide a comprehensive team approach to injury management with our Doctors working closely with the physiotherapy team to ensure the best possible outcomes. Our Exercise Physiologists provide comprehensive rehabilitation programs when required, to assist injured workers regain pre-injury fitness levels.

Our Physiotherapists will perform a thorough assessment ad provide treatment and advice which not only aims at treating an injury but preventing it from reoccurring. They also have extensive experience in Sports Physiotherapy and are supported by our Sports Medicine Doctors. We offer personalised rehabilitation sessions in our studio gyms.

Conditions that can be treated include neck and back pain, muscle or joint pain due to surgery, sports injuries, arthritic pain, postural problems, workplace injuries and injuries due to motor vehicle accidents.


  • Joint mobilization
  • Massage of tight, sore muscles
  • Trigger point therapy
  • Acupuncture
  • Manipulation
  • Kinesio/Dynamic taping

Most importantly, we believe prevention is the best medicine. Therefore, in conjunction with treatments, our Physiotherapists can educate and guide patients through the injury and rehabilitation process so they understand the underlying cause of the problem and can learn strategies to avoid recurrence.

Complete Corporate Health’s Physiotherapy team also offer onsite services including office and heavy industry Ergonomic AssessmentsManual Handling training and interactive Presentations to small and large groups. Onsite Physiotherapy is a great way of reducing Workers’ Compensation Premiums as well as keeping your staff healthy and safe.


A Physiotherapist from Complete Corporate Health will attend your workplace to assess and treat your employees. it is no different from attending a physiotherapist in a private clinic setting except we come to you.


Our Physiotherapists can promote overall health and wellness in the workplace. We can help catch an injury in its early stages before it progresses to a more serious injury. This lessens your Workers’ Compensation claims and premiums and employee absenteeism. Staff will not only feel better but will be more productive.


  • Personalised exercise programs for each employee
  • Encourage your employees to take an active part in their own management
  • Ergonomic Assessments and correction is also very useful for your staff to prevent injury and improve posture

Physiotherapy services are available Monday to Friday 8am – 5pm at our convenient Perth CBD and Ascot locations. Clients can contact us to book appointments on both a private and compensable basis.

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