Ergonomic Assessments

Complete Corporate Health provides onsite ergonomic assessments at any workstation location. An experienced Physiotherapist will conduct a personalised assessment that includes observation of the workplace and a direct questioning of the employee on pain levels. Additionally, they will discuss work duties and practices directly with the client.

Recommendations can include changes to the physical form of the workstation or work area, addition of assistive equipment and suggestions on work practices and habits within the workplace. Education is provided on the spot to help deal with workplace injury prevention.

The employer receives an individual written report on each assessment.

In cases where an injury has already occurred, one of our physiotherapists is available to provide treatment at our locations or via our mobile service onsite. Thus providing a full continuum of care.

Our goal is to reduce the number of workplace injuries by prevention. By taking this proactive approach, a Company will see the benefits of reduces costs due to less injuries and absenteeism.

Organise a Consultation

Companies can book an appointment by completing an online booking form. A Complete Corporate Health team member will then be in contact to confirm the booking.