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Experience the Benefits of Telemedicine with Complete Corporate Health

Whether working 24/7 in metro areas or on remote and rural sites, accessing expert medical assistance at the crucial moment of illness or injury can be difficult. Telemedicine allows for early intervention with professional medical advice and diagnosis, providing potentially life-saving benefits, along with the cost savings of unnecessary medivacs or treatments. Unexpected or after-hours emergencies can be stressful, costly, and time-consuming.

Access to quality – and timely – medical care and advice is crucial for any business operating in remote or rural locations.

Telemedicine or Telehealth is when health-related services and advice are delivered when needed via telecommunication platforms such as Skype for Business, Zoom or Google Hangouts. With the use of online platforms, the right medical treatment and online medical advice can be provided immediately following a workplace injury. Complete Corporate Health has been providing telehealth services in Australia since 2008 to assist employers with injury management, offering clients fast and successful health support, 24/7.

Why Choose Telemedicine For Your Workplace?

Early Injury Management Intervention

Our Telemedicine solution allows you to have access to professional medical advice 24 hours a day, seven days a week for immediate assistance in managing injuries, even in remote locations.

Virtual Injury Management Assessment

All you need is access to the internet, a webcam and a designated room for the privacy of your affected employee during the online consultation. In order to make a proper diagnosis despite the distance, there are a range of tools available which assist in a Telemedicine consultation.

Full Management & Diagnosis of Candidate + 24/7 Support

Your injured workers will have immediate access to our range of qualified medical personnel including doctors, nurses and allied health professionals for diagnosis, along with round-the-clock assistance available during their rehabilitation and treatment process.

Expert, Easy Remote Injury Management

Telemedicine makes remote injury management easy when you are on-site, helping your company protect both the health of your employees and the profitability of your business. CCH provide you with expert, professional health support despite the distance, so your candidate will be back on the job in no time.

Time & Cost Savings

Not just efficient and timely, Telemedicine offers a company significant savings on medical costs while safely managing injuries. Reduce claim costs, cut down wasted travel-time, and increase employee and business productivity throughout the injury and recovery process.

How Does Telemedicine Work?

Telemedicine is easy to implement in your organisation, and will be up and running almost instantly, offering professional health support and online medical advice right where you need it.


CCH will provide you with 24/7 contact numbers and lines through Skype or Facetime – whichever is easiest for your company.


You instantly have access to your Occupational health professional who will remain your point of contact for candidates and your onsite injury management coordinator.

CCH supply tools for diagnosis such as a digital stethoscope or otoscope as needed.

Depending on the injury and needs of the candidate, reviews / follow ups will be scheduled, and your IMC will continue with treatment if required.

All medical certificates (including WorkCover WA) can be issued during any stage of service.

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