Complete Corporate Health is an occupational health service provider committed to looking after the health and well-being of companies and individuals.

Healthy Workforce

Returning to Work

On-Call Medical Support

Occupational Health Compliance

Consisting of a group of Doctors, trained medical professionals, exercise physiologists, business managers and administrators, Complete Corporate Health specialise in coordinating and arranging all aspects of health-care for companies and employees, saving HR department’s valuable time and money.

Led by Medical Director Richard Kain, an expert in the field with over 17 years’ experience, we offer a seamless range of corporate health services many of which can be offered directly onsite for our clients.

In addition we pride ourselves on offering:

  • Flexible booking times
  • Fast results
  • Convenient locations near the Perth Domestic Airport and in Osborne Park
  • Competitive Prices
  • Friendly and Professional Staff
  • Central Booking and Accounting Convenience
  • National and International Coverage

Our founder, Dr Richard Kain, was working in rural general practice when he discovered his passion for occupational medicine.

After five years of providing on-call medical and emergency care for remote workers, he decided to make it his focus, establishing Complete Corporate Health in 2005.

Since then, we’ve continually evolved to meet our clients’ ever-changing healthcare, assessment, monitoring, compliance and injury management needs. Which is why, today, our team and network of partners provide a complete suite of tailored workforce healthcare services across Australia.


Perth Domestic Airport and Osborne Park clinics.


Flexible appointments, telehealth and 24/7 on-call support.


Centralised bookings and accounting simplify everything.


Personalised services minimise time and delays.


Nationwide coverage and support.

Quality in everything.

Our rigorous quality assurance program monitors all aspects of our occupational health services to ensure the highest levels of care, support, communication and service excellence.

From our doctors to our in-house psychology, exercise physiologist, allied health and administration specialists. From preventative education programs to 24-7 on-call and emergency support. From onboarding new workers to educating employees and rehabilitating injured ones.

Wherever you work, we’re here – in our Perth clinics, on call, on-site or via telehealth – to keep your people healthy, your team informed and your business moving. Promptly. Proactively. Seamlessly.