Health Services Permits (WA applicable only).

CCH provides a complete system for remote sites Health Services Permit (HSP) needs that is in compliance with the Poisons Act 1964 (2017), Poisons Regulation 1965 (2017) and the Code of Practice for Health Services Permits for Medical Treatment.

A Health Service Permit (Poisons Permit) for medical treatment/ management is not intended to replace the treatment of ongoing or chronic health conditions by an employee’s usual medical practitioner but rather to provide access to scheduled medicines for the treatment of injuries, emergencies or illness sustained on-site that require urgent management.

The permit is issued so that scheduled medicines can be purchased and administered for the sites listed on the permit.

Complete Corporate Health has held and maintained permits for many diverse companies and remote sites for over many years.

Complete Corporate Health can assist your company to comply with the legislation by assisting in the process of obtaining a Health Services Permit.

Obtaining your Health Services Permit (Poison Permit) through our service entitles the company to the following benefits from CCH:

Site compliance with the relevant code

A procedure manual to ensure safe operations

24/7 telephone access to our rostered occupational doctor

Access to our doctors for advice and peer support throughout the period of clinical management

All communications documented and forwarded to site as well as stored by CCH.

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