Through health presentations or face-to-face medical assessments, we can identify, assist and optimise the health of your most valuable asset, your workers.

Our Workforce Health Services

Employee Health Monitoring

Monitor your employees to protect their health – and your profitability!

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Executive Health Assessments

Designed specifically for executive or key staff roles, these full health checks are vital to performing efficiently at work and beyond.

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Health Management

Complete Corporate Health offer a range of health management services in Perth, including weight management, cardiac risk assessments and more.

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Presentations, Seminars & Expo

Are you an employer willing to educate your employees on occupational health and safety? Our medical experts can tailor medical presentations specifically for you.

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Synthetic drugs pose a unique challenge for both individuals and healthcare professionals. Among these substances, synthetic cannabis stands out, offering a potent yet unpredictable experience with potentially severe health consequences.