Are your working conditions optimised to keep you and your employees healthy and productive?

Whether in an office or on-site, the awareness and practice of safe ergonomics in your day-to-day will ensure you can work harder and experience fewer injuries on the job.

Ergonomic assessments are the best way to ensure your workplace, systems and environment are the right ‘fit’ to keep you or your employees comfortable and productive.

Ergonomic injuries at work are a widespread, costly problem.

Common, work-related musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs), such as carpal tunnel syndrome, tendonitis, and other sprains and strains, are the cause of up to ⅓ of days taken off work by employees.

By taking a proactive approach and implementing safe ergonomics, your company will see the benefits of reduced costs, due to fewer injuries and absenteeism, along with happier and more productive employees.

Professional On-Location Assessments

We provide an experienced Exercise Physiologist to any workstation location to conduct a personalised assessment, then provide recommendations for improvement – and can even treat any existing injuries at our locations or via our mobile service onsite.

Assessments include:

Observation of the workplace

A discussion of work duties and practices

Written reports on each assessment (for employers)

Evaluation of the employee on pain levels

Education on workplace injury prevention

The healthier you and your employees are, the higher your profit and company-wide productivity.

What are good workplace ergonomics?

If you work at a desk, it’s looking at how you can sit, move and organise your space in a way that keeps you comfortable and productive. If you work on site, this means finding the right tools, equipment and work methods to ensure you stay safe and protect your long-term health.

By learning to approach any work undertaken with safe ergonomics in mind, you can assess what tasks or motions are repetitive and find solutions which keep them comfortable. Elminiating the seemingly small or unimportant strains from your workday can have a positive effect on your health – which your body, and your wallet, will thank you for in the long-run.

Has your workplace been assessed? Book in your Ergonomic Assessment with CCH today.

Executive Health Assessments

Your health is your greatest asset. Protect it with a comprehensive Executive Health Check.
Designed specifically for those in executive or key staff roles, these assessments are vital to help you stay in peak physical form and function efficiently in your workplace.

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