Believe it or not, high heels, Christmas toys, tree decorations, champagne corks and food poisoning are all hazards which send Australians to the hospital over the festive season.

Christmas brings plenty of safety hazards and sees hospital staff run off their feet to help with injuries from accidents which could have been avoided by taking a few safety precautions.

  1. Slow down. Those last-minute renovations before the family dinner or mad rush across a busy street to grab the last few gifts can result in serious injuries.
  2. Leave toys to the kids Dad! Emboldened by a few beers, Dads will often see the new skateboard or trampoline as a challenge – but if you haven’t done it in years, maybe just let the kids give it a go this time.
  3. Kitchen carnage. Boiling water, slicing ham, kids underfoot, hot oil… the kitchen sees a lot of action over Summer, so have rules for who does what, and leave plenty of time for food prep so there are no frantic chefs!
  4. Cook, cover, chill. WA gets hot and our fridges contents triple, so make sure food is labeled and the beer goes in an esky to leave more room for the perishables.
  5. Decorating dangers. Always have someone holding the ladder, check for damage before plugging in decorations, don’t overload your electrical outlets, avoid real candles, and turn everything off before heading to bed.
  6. Watch the kids! Whether they are in the pool, playing around electrical/sharp decorations or testing out their new toys, try to designate an adult to watch them at all times. Once the booze starts flowing and the adults get into conversation, it is very easy to lose track of where they are and if they are safe.

Being aware of the hazards and taking a little extra care will help you and your family stay safe and enjoy the holiday season!