I’d like to take the opportunity to wish all our clients, associates and partners a happy 2018 and to thank everyone for their continuing support. I hope that everyone has recovered from the Christmas/ New Year excess and is holding firm to those New Year resolutions.

The last couple of years have been tough for many businesses in WA but most companies are seeing the green shoots of recovery while others are already scrambling to keep up with work demands. We’ve seen a palpable return to confidence within business and an expectation for growth. So, 2018 is sizing up to be a cracker.

This is our first CCH newsletter and we are excited about the opportunity it provides to tell everyone about what we are up to. Occupational medicine revolves around great communication both internal and external, so we’d like to keep you informed of what we are doing both behind the scenes and out on the front lines of service.

Injury management requires exceptional team work to achieve outstanding results. To achieve the best outcomes for musculoskeletal injuries, a specialised occupational physiotherapist is required. We are proud to announce that SM Physio is our latest alliance partner and will be bolstering our team and services. Simon Murphy has worked at CCH previously before forging his own successful company. He now returns to provide elite expertise and long term continuity to assist us in providing exceptional outcomes for our clients. As with all facets of CCH, Simon and his team are available at all times to ensure seamless communication, treatment and results.

Our family is further expanding with new and existing staff taking on fresh roles. Along with internal restructuring, we have incorporated a new IT provider, which has taken the long broom to our IT infrastructure with significant increase in speed and reliability of our communication ability and providing much improved digital services to our clients. We also have a new phone system, soon to be installed, which will incorporate high speed bandwidth allowing the doctors telehealth ability from every office. This improvement in our telehealth capabilities will allow 24/7 virtual consulting ability for remote and rural clients plus immobile patients. We look forward to showing everyone this high speed service allowing near instantaneous medical assessment of injured workers, as well as case conferencing.

From all of us at CCH – we look forward to a busy and exciting 2018 with you and some laughs along the way. CCH Director Dr Richard Kain