Did you know that when a Urine Drug Screening test (UDS) indicates the presence of one or more drugs or substances in the sample, further testing is required to confirm?

The Australian Standard actually requires us to conduct a Gas Chromatography – Mass Spectrometry (GC-MS) test before we can give you the red (or green) light.

You may think that a seemingly ‘positive’ (we call it a non-negative at that initial stage) test is enough for you to decide to stop the medical. However, a UDS which detects any presence of drugs or substances covered by the Australian Standard is still not considered to be a positive test result until the confirmatory testing is complete.

It might seem like overkill to double-test, but rules are rules and you (the registrant) are still required to authorise the confirmatory testing of the sample, and are then responsible for the costs involved. We like to be 100% positive of the test results we are giving you – and we also don’t want you to get in trouble for making your own determination based on the initial screen. After all – it does go against the laws to do so.

If your initial UDS test shows the presence of drugs or other substances, we will automatically send your results to GC-MS) for confirmation. This way, you get a legally defensible confirmatory result – and we don’t have to go against the standards by stopping the test before it is complete and results are confirmed.