If you are in the manufacturing, wholesale, retail trade or construction industries – you are at a much higher risk of work-related hand injuries which can seriously impact your working ability.

Every year in Australia, approximately 8,400 people are admitted to hospital emergency departments with hand or wrist injuries.

If an injury to your hands would instantly prevent you from continuing with your work duties – it pays to take extra precautions to prevent that from happening in future!

Pinch Points, What to look out for;

A ‘Pinch Point’ is when two moving parts meet, or when a single moving part meets something solid.

If you work with power tools which can lock suddenly, mobile machinery or fixed machinery such as cutting plants, presses and conveyors, it’s a good idea to use the following precautions:

  1. Be aware of potential pinch points from moving objects.
  2. Ensure warning labels are located near pinch point hazards.
  3. Follow safe work practices and processes at all times.
  4. Watch where you place your hands in doorways or when using machinery.
  5. Never operate equipment or machinery without machine guards.
  6. Ensure machinery is turned off and any rotating parts have stopped moving before undergoing maintenance.