Is the flu even such a big deal anymore? No, but only if you are regularly receiving the flu vaccine.

For best protection, we (and every doctor) strongly advise receiving your flu vac every year to avoid contracting influenza – or the flu – a highly contagious disease caused by the influenza virus.

Is it safe?

AusVaxSafety data shows more than 93% of people who received the flu vaccine in 2017 had no reactions – with only minor reactions from the remaining 7%. On the other hand, if you get the flu, you could be at risk of serious health complications.

When should you get it?

Peak flu season for Western Australia is usually August/September, so the best time to get vaccinated is in late May or in June, as vaccine protection may wane around three to four months after getting immunised. Be aware that, after vaccination, it can take up to two weeks to develop full protection.

Remember – it is never too late to get the flu vaccine, and if you are on the ‘higher risk’ list; e.g. pregnant, under 5 or over 65, or have certain medical conditions, you are eligible to receive it for free.

Book your in now so you will be protected when it counts.