A pre-employment medical assessment is a health and safety practice designed to minimise risk to both the employee and the employer.  It is a critical tool used to protect the health and safety of your workforce. Not only does it let an employer know if a candidate is suitable for a given position, it also helps an employer to understand how they can best accommodate a prospective employee.


What do they do in a pre-employment medical?

There is no “one size fits all” pre-employment medical examination checklist as this will greatly vary depending on the type of role and the industry. Generally speaking though, you can expect a pre-employment medical to include the following;

  1. Health questionnaire that looks at your past employment and health and lifestyle history.
  2. Physical assessment – including hearing, vision, lung function, and a drug and alcohol screen
  3. Musculoskeletal assessment – range of motion, on occasion fitness testing is also included

There may be additional assessments if you work in the offshore industry, in a remote location, in the rail industry or any unique needs for the job role.

The information collected during the pre-employment medical test is returned to the potential employer.  It is important to know that CCH does not make a decision on whether you are hired or not.  We only provide an objective recommendation on your overall fitness to complete the particular role applied for, but it is ultimately up to the employer to make their own assessment on your capacity to take on the role, and to decide whether to hire you or not.


What do you need to bring to a pre-employment medical assessment?

  • Photo ID
  • Prescription glasses (if required)
  • Hearing aids (if you wear them)
  • Details for any prescription or labelled medication – please bring the script
  • Wear loose, comfortable clothing and closed footwear that will not restrict movement


Why choose CCH?

  1. Our process for pre-employment medicals is simple and streamlined.
  2. Our pre-employment assessments are carried out by a team of qualified individuals who will treat you with care and respect at all times.
  3. We are efficient and responsive with most pre-employment medical tests completed in 90 minutes or less and with results delivered, in most cases, the same day.
  4. We can complete a certified pre-employment medical for Rail Industry Workers, Malaysian Seafarers, OGUK, Commercial Drivers, Remote Mine workers and more.
  5. We are Workcover Audio certified.
  6. Our high quality pre-employment medicals are preferred.


For more information or to book a pre-employment medical, get in touch with us now