Synthetic drugs pose a unique challenge for both individuals and healthcare professionals. Among these substances, synthetic cannabis stands out, offering a potent yet unpredictable experience with potentially severe health consequences. To address the growing concerns surrounding its usage, Australian Clinical Labs has stepped up to provide comprehensive synthetic cannabis drug testing services.


Why you should you use synthetic cannabis drug testing services?

Synthetic cannabis, often marketed under names like K2 or Spice, comprises man-made chemicals designed to mimic the effects of THC, the active compound in natural cannabis. However, its composition varies widely, leading to inconsistent effects and increased risks of adverse reactions. Synthetic cannabis is part of a group of drugs called new psychoactive substances (NPS). These are designer drugs designed to mimic the effects of illicit drugs. Importantly, routine drug screening does not detect the synthetic variants.
Regular testing for synthetic substances can help deter use, particularly in workplaces.


What you should know?

  • The effect of synthetic cannabis is more potent than regular cannabis – between 10 to 100 times stronger.
  • Synthetic cannabinoid products continue to increase in the market – more than 280 unique substances are available(1).
  • Drug induced effects of synthetic cannabis are more profound than regular cannabis.


Australian Clinical Labs has responded to this call by offering state-of-the-art drug testing services specifically tailored to detect synthetic cannabinoids. Leveraging advanced technology and expertise, they provide accurate and reliable results, empowering employers and healthcare professionals to make informed decisions regarding substance use.

To take advantage of synthetic cannabis testing, contact CCH or refer to the attached flyer for Australian Clinical Labs testing locations.




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