Hay Fever – The most common allergic disorder in Australia. Hay Fever can hit at the worst possible times, affecting our ability to concentrate, sleep and get through our everyday working tasks. It’s hard to work at your normal pace when your head is full of cotton and you need to blow your nose every ten seconds!

From August to March, the pollen levels increase here in Perth and, especially when you work remotely out in dry areas, it’s time to take precautions to minimise symptoms.

Tips to help with Hay Fever:

  • Shower after being outside – especially on windy days
  • Use recirculated air when driving
  • Keep windows closed
  • Monitor the pollen count in the air to know when to take extra precautions

If you find Hay Fever is affecting your ability to work, see your doctor for advice on the right products for you; such as antihistamines, saline nasal sprays or eye drops.