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Injury Management

Effective Injury Management is essential to ensure that all employees are assessed as soon after the injury as possible, treated and an ongoing management plan is formulated in conjunction with the employer. With our team approach, the physiotherapy, psychology and rehabilitation team at Complete Corporate Health ensure the minimum recovery period.

Where appropriate, rehabilitation programs can assist in prevention of reoccurrence.

Complete Corporate Health specialise in early, consistent and regular communication between the doctors and employer (or representative). Through a combination of phone, email and face-to-face contact, communication lines are always available.

Complete Corporate Health excels in understanding a client’s work place and roles through:

  • work site assessments/ visits
  • Current Job task analysis
  • availability of alternate duty options
  • no loss of work time

Complete Corporate Health’s clinical expertise, coupled with our understanding of legislative requirements regarding injured employees, can assist Companies in effectively managing workplace injuries.

Our Health Professionals liaise regularly with you to maintain open communication; one that can facilitate the injured worker’s return to the workforce as a meaningful contributor to the Company. Complete Corporate Health’s aim is to provide a positive outcome for both the employee and the organization in the shortest time possible.

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