Be Aware – is it heat exhaustion or heat-stroke?

The warm weather is set to stick around for a while yet – so it is important to continue taking steps to ensure you stay healthy on the job and in the heat! Heat-related illnesses are common complaints, and not just for people who work outdoors. Exercising intensively, dehydration due to too much alcohol or […]

Travel safely these holidays

Summer is here and that means road trips for holidays and Christmas celebrations! Amid all the excitement, keep in mind that this time of year is the most high risk for drivers on Australian roads, so it’s important to take extra precautions so you can travel safely during this season. Check-up time! Book in for […]

End of Year Sundowner

CCH and SM physio hosted an EOY Sundowner for our clients at Wolfe Lane Bar on Friday 29th November. It was a great night mixing and mingling with the teams, doctors, physios and staff and celebrating a successful year. Thanks again to everyone who came along and we look forward to doing it all again […]

Staying Cool this Summer

It is set to be a hot WA summer, so it’s important to know how to prepare to cope with high-temperature days. Are you at risk? People over 75, along with babies and young children are some of the most vulnerable when the hot weather hits, along with people who are obese, work outside or […]