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Executive Health Assessments

Your health is your greatest asset.
Protect it with a comprehensive Executive Health Check.

Designed specifically for those in executive or key staff roles, these full health checks are vital to help you stay in peak physical form, allowing you to perform efficiently at work and beyond.

Illness and Decreased Productivity

When you get sick, it is often due to the increased levels of pressure you are exposed to  in your executive role: the long hours, irregular routines and travel, along with high-stress decision making,  all accumulate and contribute to the deterioration of both your mental and physical states. To continue and progress in your role and career, you need to take control of your most important asset: your health. Our executive health solutions are the perfect programme to start your journey towards sustained high performance in the workplace.

Benefits of an Executive Health Check

An Executive Health Check is a comprehensive health screening, which includes not only a full medical check up,  but also personalised strategies to reduce or eliminate potential risks, such as:

  • Identify potential/developing/established health issues
  • Make strategic changes to diet or exercise routines
  • Refer to specialists in some instances
  • Implement effective solutions to existing problems for optimal health

The long-term advantages of investing in executive health management are invaluable both for your personal life and for your career.

What is involved?

The ‘Rolls Royce’ of health screenings, your executive health assessment will take an average of 3 hours to complete. It will include a full examination and a comprehensive array of tests, which are all essential to establish your level of medical, mental and physical health.

This full medical check up includes:

Medical Questionnaire
This comprehensive medical questionnaire will include questions relating to current and past medical conditions, a full lifestyle evaluation including questions on nutrition and physical activity.

Blood Tests
Blood glucose (diabetes screen); Blood coronary risk ratio; Full lipid profile (cholesterol, HDL, LDL, VLDL, triglycerides); Comprehensive liver function; Full blood count; Comprehensive kidney function; Uric acid; Prostate Specific Antigen (males over 45); Full Iron (females only)

General Health
Vision; Spirometry (lung function); Audio screen

Heart Evaluation

Physical Examination
Medical/Lifestyle consultation; Eyes, ears, mouth; Respiratory system; Cardiovascular system; Spine evaluation; Skin check

Results Consultation
This consultation will be held with one of our doctors, after the full medical check up has been performed. The doctor will take you through a comprehensive personal health and lifestyle management report, and may include case management and referral (if required). Nutrition evaluation, exercise prescription and lifestyle recommendations.

You will receive your tailored executive health management plan, which is a personal health & lifestyle management programme outlining any key risk areas, as well as details on how you can receive ongoing support

Prevention is always better than a cure.
Protect your most valuable asset – call us to book in your Executive Health Check today.

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