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Medico Legal Assessments

Are you an employer or an employee considering returning to work?

Complete Corporate Health’s team of  experienced occupational health and safety practitioners offers a range of corporate medical assessments, including Independent Medical Examinations

What is Occupational Specialised Assessment?

Occupational specialised assessments are medical assessments carried out by an approved independent medical examiner, which help employers and employees make the right decisions about returning to work.

Our doctors perform specialised fitness for duty assessments,  providing the qualified advice needed in more complex cases, which might be of a more sensitive nature.These assessments provide employers with an independent, qualified medical opinion and advice regarding an employee’s ability to work safely and productively after an injury, health concerns or concerning event. They also provide the employee with the peace of mind that their return to work is not premature and will not negatively affect their healing journey.

Independent Medical Examinations

Independent Medical Examinations are impartial, third-party occupational health and safety assessments of a worker’s injury or illness. These assessments include a report identifying:

  • the cause of the injury or illness,
  • the level to which it is work-related,
  • the worker’s capacity for employment,
  • along with any needs for ongoing medical treatment.

When is this required?

Independent Medical Examinations are  required if/when the existing information regarding an employee’s workplace injury or illness is inadequate, unavailable, inconsistent or undetermined.

Suitable Duties Assessment

If an employee has been injured on the job, a Suitable Duties Assessment determines the duties they are capable of performing safely within the workplace. The Suitable Duties assessment:

  • includes a report based on the worker’s overall health status
  • identifies specific tasks that can be completed at work without risk

Why is this important?

The Suitable Duties Assessment may lead the employer to alter the employee’s usual duties so they are in line with the employee’s ability to perform them. This may result in the employee returning to work earlier, and helps to minimise the detrimental effects, both mental and physical, of a worker’s prolonged absence from the workplace.

Fitness for Duty Assessment

The Fitness for Duty Assessment is an assessment of an injured worker’s ability to safely perform their normal duties, regardless of whether the injury is related to work or not.

This assessment includes:

  • a report outlining the tasks the worker can safely perform
  • the strategies which should be implemented to minimise risk

When is this required?

A Fitness for Duty Assessment is required when a worker is suffering from a psychosocial ailment or from a non-work related medical problem, which affect their physical and/or mental health, and may affect their ability to safely perform their duties.

Medico-Legal Assessment

A Medico-Legal Assessment is an impartial evaluation of a worker’s ability to carry out their standard job requirements after experiencing an injury or illness. This assessment provides an evidence-based report detailing the impact of the injury or illness on the ability of the worker to perform their role.

Why is this important?

 A Medico-Legal Assessment can be used to make informed decisions regarding a worker’s return to work and potential compensation claims.

Permanent Impairment Assessment

A Permanent Impairment Assessment determines the level of anatomical and functional loss a worker has experienced due to a workplace injury or illness. The assessment is often used to quantify the financial payments associated with a loss. This occupational health and safety assessment is compliant with state-based legislation and it conforms to set provisions.

If you have concerns about an employee’s return to work, or ability to perform at the level required for their role, see our doctor for advice on the right assessment for your situation.

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