Monitor your employees to protect their health – and your profitability!

Why invest in Health Monitoring?

As an employer, monitoring your employees’ health is not only showing the right level of duty of care, but it will also help identify possible process issues, toxic work conditions, or exposure to dangerous substances before your employees’ health is significantly affected.

This allows you to prevent serious illness from occurring, along with gathering valuable feedback to make improvements for safer work practices.

In return, this will further reduce your potential risk of legal matters, issues with staff recruitment and retention, and ultimately the quality of your services and products, and your company’s profitability.

What do we do?

Our preventative public health monitoring services include a variety of formats and topics, including:

Cardiovascular profiling

Interactive seminars

Stress management


Personalised health assessments

We offer individual assessments tailored to fit the time and budget restraints of your company, all the way up to our comprehensive Executive Health Assessments which are designed to protect you or your key staff.

Executive Health Assessments

Your health is your greatest asset. Protect it with a comprehensive Executive Health Check.
Designed specifically for those in executive or key staff roles, these assessments are vital to help you stay in peak physical form and function efficiently in your workplace.

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