Plan Ahead for Flu Protection

Is the flu even such a big deal anymore? No, but only if you are regularly receiving the flu vaccine. For best protection, we (and every doctor) strongly advise receiving your flu vac every year to avoid contracting influenza – or the flu – a highly contagious disease caused by the influenza virus. Is it […]

Silica Dust – the ‘Asbestos’ of the Construction Industry

If you work in the construction industry, particularly work involving grinding, sandblasting or surfacing material containing silica (e.g. concrete or stone bench-tops), protecting yourself from the destructive effects of Silica dust is vital for your long-term health. What is Silica? Silica dust (crystalline silica) is found in many materials including some stone, sand, gravel, bricks, […]

What isn’t caused by hay and doesn’t give you a fever?

Hay Fever – The most common allergic disorder in Australia. Hay Fever can hit at the worst possible times, affecting our ability to concentrate, sleep and get through our everyday working tasks. It’s hard to work at your normal pace when your head is full of cotton and you need to blow your nose every […]

Sun exposure and Skin Cancer

Here in Australia, sunburn can happen after as little as ten minutes spent in the sun unprotected and, according to the Cancer Council, at least 2 in 3 Australians will be diagnosed with skin cancer before the age of 70. When you are outside on-site for work, it is important to take precautions to protect […]

Stay hydrated and beat the heat

Anyone who works remotely in Western Australia is intimately familiar with the extreme heat experienced during summer, but even so, every year there are many cases of severe dehydration or illnesses caused by heat. Making a few simple changes to your daily routine can increase your hydration and help you stay healthy this summer: Drink […]


How is the flu vaccine made? Have you ever wondered how we can be protected against the flu season after season? In February and September each year, The World Health Organization (WHO) holds a conference with leading experts and influenza centres from around the world to make recommendations about the composition of the next season’s […]